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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology
ITS Joint Program Office

NEW! Connected Transportation Interoperability (CTI) Roadside Unit (RSU) Standard Update Published and can be downloaded at no cost here. Updates to CTI 4001 include clarifications, guidance and notes requested from vendors implementing the standard, updates to V2X communications transmission requirements related to LTE-V2X and new requirements related to the transmission interval tolerance for storing and repeating messages.

ARC-IT Version 9.1
In June 2022, the US DOT released ARC-IT Version 9.1, a significant update of the US National ITS Architecture Reference. The architecture toolset— RAD-IT and SET-IT—have also been upgraded to work with version 9.1 of ARC-IT.

New Standards from SAE

Connected Vehicle Standards

See a list of standards used in connected vehicle applications.

Deployment Tools
Test Procedure Generator (TPG)
TPG v3 automates the development of test procedures for NTCIP standards.
Center to Center (C2C) Reference Implementation (RI) Tool
C2C RI Tool verifies conformance to C2C standards.