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All resources are free of charge unless otherwise indicated.

The ITS Standards Implementation Program
The Office of Operations, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), offers ITS standards implementation resources, technical assistance, training, and guidance through the ITS Standards Implementation Program. The Standards Implementation Program is one of six program areas within the Office of Operations' Facilitating Integrated ITS Deployment Program.

FHWA ITS Standards Program Field Support Team
The FHWA ITS Standards Field Support Team (SFST) provides short-term, on-call, technical assistance to support the adoption and use of ITS standards. The Team is composed of FHWA staff and experts from the private sector. Services are available to public sector staff at the Federal, State, and local levels.

ITS Standards Search
Browse or search all ITS standards. Information available includes description, status, updates, and where to learn more about the standard. Standards can be searched by standard development organization or full text search.

FHWA and FTA ITS Specialists
ITS assistance is available from the FHWA (Operations Deployment Team, FHWA Division Office or the FHWA Resource Center) or the FTA Regional Office.

ITS PCB Peer Exchange Program
The ITS PCB Peer Exchange Program provides short-term technical assistance to agencies facing ITS planning, procurement, deployment, and operational challenges. Eligible agencies include:

  • State and local Departments of Transportation
  • Transit agencies
  • Metropolitan and Statewide Planning organizations
  • Emergency and public safety organizations
  • Motor carrier offices

The ITS PCB peer exchange is an important tool for transferring ITS knowledge, resources, and experiences with ITS technologies throughout the transportation industry and, specifically, among public agencies.

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