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All resources are free of charge unless otherwise indicated.

ITS Standards: A Brief Stroll through the Different Document Types
ITS standards are developed and published by standards development organizations (SDO) that use different terms to describe their standards documents. The purpose of this paper is to describe the document types that are collectively known as "Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Standards." The source of information for this document includes individual SDO manuals or Internet home pages.

ITS Standards Fact Sheets
ITS Standards Fact Sheets are concise, plain English descriptions of ITS standards. Fact Sheet can help you understand and deploy standards-based ITS.

ITS Standards Advisories
ITS Standards Advisories provide the ITS transportation community with information and guidance on the consideration and use of ITS standards.

The purpose of this guide is to assist decision-makers, planners, specification writers, and implementers to understand the various NTCIP standards documents and how to use them, as well as the overall motivations behind the use of NTCIP. The latest version of the document is available from the NTCIP on-line library.

TMDD Guide
The purpose of the TMDD Guide is to assist decision makers and practitioners to generally understand the nature, role, and benefits of using the Traffic Management Information Standards. To do that the Guide has the following five specific purposes:

  • Provide a general awareness to decision makers and managers about the TMDD & MS/ETMCC Standards and serve as a basis for technology transfer and training,
  • Improve understanding to support better resource allocation decision-making,
  • Help identify requirements for new systems,
  • Give a context to system design, and
  • Develop insight for system implementation and operation.