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ARC-IT Version 9.1

ARC-IT Version 9.1

ARC-IT Version 9.1 is a significant update of the US National ITS Architecture Reference focusing on improvements that support design and requirements specification. The most significant enhancements for version 9.1 are:

  • Service Package Implementation: A subset of a service package that defines an approach for meeting the user needs of a given service package. An implementation indicates what functions and flow triples are required, and which flows and functions may enhance the service without duplicative effort or interference. More than 50 Service Package Implementations are defined for many commonly used ARC-IT service packages, including:
    • PS03: Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption
    • PT09: Transit Signal Priority
    • ST08: Eco-Approach and Departure at Signalized Intersections
    • TM01: Infrastructure-Based Traffic Surveillance
    • TM03: Traffic Signal Control
    • TM06: Traffic Information Dissemination…and more
  • New or significantly enhanced Service Packages:
    • MC11: Maintenance and Construction Vehicle Signal Priority
    • SU14: Remote Access
    • ST05: Electric Charging Stations Management
  • Updates to all views to reflect changes in technology and standards development

As with previous versions, ARC-IT is available as an online website and also as a single download that contains the majority of the ARC-IT web site that may be installed locally for off-line use.

The architecture toolset has been upgraded to work with version 9.1 of ARC-IT, to include additional standalone features and maintain the ability for users to exchange information between the tools.


Regional Architecture Development for Intelligent Transportation (RAD-IT) supports development of regional and project ITS architectures using ARC-IT as a starting point. RAD-IT 9.1 adds:

  • Additional “check my architecture” functionality
  • Consolidated user preference settings
  • Color-coded class diagrams matching ARC-IT
  • Updates to Marinara, particularly in the V2I Safety Initiative project that now includes a second instance of VS09 to illustrate two ways to implement a service
  • Various bug fixes

The Systems Engineering Tool for Intelligent Transportation (SET-IT) integrates drawing and database tools with ARC-IT so that users can develop detailed ITS project architectures. SET-IT 9.1 adds:

  • Support for service package implementations to speed up the architecture design process
  • Illustration of relationships between flow triples and between flows and functional objects
  • New diagram verification tools
  • Support for “inclusion,” which enables the user to see relative importance of artifacts in a service package
  • Support for systems engineering model documents for CCTV, DMS, detectors and signal controllers. Extensive system requirements and new tools for manipulating requirements
  • Automated generation of a draft System Requirements Specification (SyRS), usable for all projects but especially useful for those based on the model documents
  • Updates to the sample project, including an additional instance of VS09
  • Many additional new features
  • Various bug fixes