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National ITS Reference Architecture

Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT) Version 9.0
Just as an architect's plans lay out the design of a house, ARC-IT provides a master blueprint for building an integrated, multimodal, intelligent transportation system. ARC-IT defines the framework for integrated ITS deployments that meet local needs. The Architecture helps state and local decision-makers plan smarter and buy smarter, ultimately saving time and money.

ARC-IT Version 9.0 is a major release of the National ITS Reference Architecture that fully defines and upgrades the four architecture views that were initially defined in ARC-IT 8.0, including changes to support vehicle automation content inspired by research results and stakeholder input including the National Dialogue on Highway Automation. Learn more about the most significant enhancements for version 9.0. (November, 2020)

The ITS Architecture Implementation Program
The Office of Operations, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), offers ITS architecture implementation resources, training, guidance, and other information through the ITS Architecture Implementation Program. The ITS Architecture Implementation Program is one of six program areas within the Office of Operations' Facilitating Integrated ITS Deployment Program.

The Systems Engineering Tool for Intelligent Transportation (SET-IT) provides a single software tool that integrates drawing and database tools with the Architecture Reference for Cooperative & Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT) so that users can develop project architectures for pilots, test beds, and early deployments.

The Regional Architecture Development tool for Intelligent Transportation (RAD-IT) is a software application that supports development of regional and project ITS architectures using the Architecture Reference for Cooperative & Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT) as a starting point.