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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology
ITS Joint Program Office

About ITS Standards

Standards Testing

Testing ITS standards in the field is an important step in the life cycle of an ITS standard because it validates (i.e. builds confidence among designers and users) that the ITS standards can be successfully used under typical project conditions.

ITS standards testing seeks to answer key questions. Does the ITS standard meetthe needs of deployers? Is the ITS standard written in such a way that leads to a single interpretation? Is the ITS standard complete and ready to be deployed? A successful test will build confidence in the standard and lead to wider deployment.

Testing standards is part of the iterative process of standards development. Results from standards testing, including issues encountered, lessons learned, and ideas for improvement, are fed back to standards developers for the next amendment of the standard. These lessons learned are also available to ITS system designers and integrators who are using the current version of the tested standard.

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The following modules in the ITS Standards Training Module Series discuss concepts and practices related to ITS standards testing.