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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology
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ITS Standards

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ITS Standards have been developed for many of the architecture flows in the National ITS Architecture. Click on the standard(s) to view the architecture flows and their communication requirements. More...

TMDD & MS/ETMCC Guide Standard for Functional Level Traffic Management Data Dictionary (TMDD) and Message Sets for External Traffic Management Center Communications

This guide provides: a general awareness to decision makers and managers about the TMDD &MS/ETMCC Standards and serves as a basis for technology transfer and training; improved understanding to support better resource allocation decision-making; help identifying requirements for new systems; a context to system design; and develops insight for system implementation and operation.
For more information on how to obtain standards: Phone: N/A
Obtain standards at no cost for a limited time. More information is available at

Current Published Version: Version 3, Published in Jul 2011

Previous Development Activity: Version 2.1: Published (Aug 2006); Version 1: Published (Oct 2000)