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Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture (CVRIA)

ITS Joint Program Office Undertaking Effort to Identify Key Interfaces of the Connected Vehicle Environment and Develop a Plan for Connected Vehicle Standards

The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office is pleased to announce the “Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture (CVRIA),” a research effort whose key outcome is a Connected Vehicle Standards Development Plan. The effort will include development of:

  • A Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture as a basis for identifying standards. The architecture will identify the key interfaces of a connected vehicle environment which will support further analysis to identify standards.
  • A standards development plan that will allow identification and prioritization of the standards needed in support of connected vehicle implementation. Adoption of existing industry standards from other areas, adaption of existing standards as well as the need for the development of new standards will be considered. An architecture definition affording alignment with the National ITS Architecture and supporting consideration of connected vehicle implementations within the context of the National ITS Architecture.
  • Policy considerations for certification, standards, core system, and potentially other elements of the connected vehicle environment.

This effort will support future standards development and testing activities.

CVRIA Resources

Prioritizing Candidate Connected Vehicle Standards: Candidate Approach and Methodology to Determine USDOT Future Support & Activities PDF (180KB)
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CVRIA Overview

The CVRIA Team, led by the ITS Joint Program Office, is comprised of the National ITS Architecture Team (led by Iteris), the Standards Program Technical Support Services Team (led by Booz Allen Hamilton) and the Policy Team (ITS JPO Policy Program and the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center). The CVRIA development includes stakeholder engagement and development of an integrated standards strategy and action plan. Outputs of the project include a set of system architecture viewpoints that describe the functions, physical and logical interfaces, enterprise relationships, and application dependencies within the connected vehicle environment. This effort will produce a prioritized list of interfaces to be considered for standardization, and a connected vehicle standardization plan for the development, modification, and/or harmonization of the defined interfaces.

The project was completed in 2014, and the CVRIA development team has established a website that hosts the architecture viewpoints for 88 connected vehicle safety, mobility, environmental, and support applications. The site is at: and includes the complete set of drawings and detailed descriptions that make up the physical, functional, enterprise, and communications views of the CVRIA. To ask questions or provide comments on the viewpoints, please use the feedback links.

The CVRIA team has conducted the following four public workshops:

Please visit the respective hyperlinks for additional details.