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ITS Standards

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ITS Standards have been developed for many of the architecture flows in the National ITS Architecture. Click on the standard(s) to view the architecture flows and their communication requirements. More...

NTCIP 1102
Octet Encoding Rules (OER) Base Protocol

A set of encoding/decoding rules to prepare data for transmission or to decode data before sending it to the application. Developed as a derivative of the Basic Encoding Rules (BER), as defined in ISO 8825-1. Within the NTCIP suites of protocols, OER is to be used in conjunction with NTCIP-STMF and NTCIP-DATEX ASN. (Formerly TS 3.BP-OER-1999)
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Information about this standard and other NTICP standards is available on the NTCIP document numbers and status page.

Current Published Version: Version 1, Published in Dec 2006

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