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ITS Standards

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ITS Standards have been developed for many of the architecture flows in the National ITS Architecture. Click on the standard(s) to view the architecture flows and their communication requirements. More...

IEEE 1609.2-2016
Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments - Security Services for Applications and Management Messages

Secure message formats, and the processing of those secure messages, within the DSRC/WAVE system are defined. The standard covers methods for securing WAVE management messages and application messages, with the exception of vehicle-originating safety messages. It also describes administrative functions necessary to support the core security functions
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For more information on how to obtain standards: Phone: 800-701-IEEE (4333)

Current Published Version: Version 3, Published in Mar 2016

Previous Development Activity: Version 2: Published (Apr 2013); Version 1: Published (Jun 2006)

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