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ITS Standards have been developed for many of the architecture flows in the National ITS Architecture. Click on the standard(s) to view the architecture flows and their communication requirements. More...

SAE J2266
Location Referencing Message Specification (LRMS)

The Location Referencing Message Specification (LRMS) standardizes location referencing for ITS applications that require the communication of spatial data references between databases. ITS databases may reside in central sites, vehicles, or devices on or off roads or other transportation links. The LRMS is applicable to both homogeneous (same database) and mixed database environments that may be implemented on wireless or landline networks. While developed for ITS applications, the LRMS may be used for non-ITS applications as well within the field of geographic information processing.
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Current Published Version: Version 1, Published in Nov 2004

SDO(s):  SAE
National ITS Architecture